Exhibitions: Bank of Italy exhibits 34 works of art dedicated to women

Until Sunday, March 10, 2024, the Bank of Italy is hosting the exhibition “Toward Modernity. Female Presences in the Art Collection of the Bank of Italy.” The initiative aims to acquaint the public with an important nucleus of the Bank’s works, by opening the doors of the historical palace on Via dell’Oriuolo to the community.

Thirty-four artworks, including paintings and sculptures, will be on display, four of which are from the Florentine headquarters and the others from the Via Nazionale headquarters in Rome.The artists range from Giovanni Fattori to Massimo Campigli, from Silvestro Lega to Lucio Fontana, passing through Giuseppe De Nittis, Ardengo Soffici, Oscar Ghiglia, Mario Mafai, Carlo Levi, Alberto Magnelli and Felice Casorati, among others. The exhibition, organized by Ilaria Sgarbozza and Anna Villari, presents a review of works from the era that marked the opening to the public (1871) of the Banca Nazionale’s new headquarters in Via dell’Oriuolo (since 1893 Banca d’Italia) to the mid-20th century.

A review that will allow both to reflect on the long path of women’s emancipation in its different dimensions, civil, economic, cultural, and social, and to question and discuss the challenges which are still open. A topic at the attention of the Bank of Italy, which actively contributes to the study of gender gaps in today’s world of work and professions, starting with the lowest female participation rates and pay gaps, investigating their causes, their implications on the growth prospects of our economy, and possible remedies in a context of too slow and partial progress.


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