EurHop, made in Italy craft beer goes on stage in Rome

From October 6 to 8 in Rome, at the Salone delle Fontane dell’Eur, will be staged ‘EurHop – Roma Beer Festival‘, an international craft beer exhibition that, with 800 made in Italy craft beers, offers a journey through the tricolor brassic production with malts and hops, processed by craft and agricultural breweries, coming from every region of Italy. Also in the program of the exhibition is a foreign beer proposal with sessions, limited number and by reservation, lasting 4 hours each, during which it will be possible to taste about 50 beers produced by 15 breweries from all over the world, with a special focus on the United States.

“Giving space, in EurHop’s Main Hall, only to Italian breweries and microbreweries,” says Luca Migliorati, one of the festival’s promoters, “means extending a hand to our local brewing entrepreneurs, who are already put to the test by the energy and raw materials crisis; but it also means emphasizing that Italian beers have absolutely nothing to envy to the better-known English and German productions, for example, which boast a centuries-old brewing tradition. Italian craft beer and its raw materials now have a very high quality and are appreciated all over Europe, as shown by the awards won constantly by our brewers in festivals all over the world.”

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