Emanuela Caruso

Who is Emanuela Caruso?
Emanuela Caruso is a woman in search of beauty. When I started my company, I was young, although I had already gained a background that led me to understand what I liked to do, which was to create jewelry to wear on the foot by combining tradition and innovative materials!

How was your company born?
The birth of my company stems from my love for Capri, where I grew up. I used to stop and look in the shop window at the artisans who cut the leather and mounted the uppers, often jeweled or sometimes simpler, on the feet of their customers, making women happy to have a shoe that was different from the others and made to measure for them…. and so, I decided over time to make this product that women loved more up-to-date by researching materials and stones that would make the jeweled sandals typical of the island more modern, to be worn not only on the seaside but also in the city.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years, I imagine opening a single-brand shop in America, we already have one in Capri and one in Forte dei Marmi, where with great success we have retained customers from all over the world, the Americans in particular, they love this product, they match it with everything and they always say “I want a special sandal for me!” And this is very important to us.

What does Made in Italy mean to you?
Both the sandals and the bags are made in Italy and all the components are made in Italy and for us this represents the strength of the product itself, I have always believed that Italy is excellence in craftsmanship and all that goes with it. And this thought over time has rewarded us.

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