Dreaming in the bubble

Luca Trazzi, architect, and industrial designer was born in Verona in 1962. He presents Dreaming in the Bubble for Iplex Design, a company born from the intuition of Ippoliti Terzo, its founder, who from a small lathe built in his garage, at night produced the first small Plexiglas products, having intuited the high-performance characteristics of this innovative and ecological material.

Dreaming in the Bubble is an immersive installation with vibrant colours in the beating heart of the Montenapoleone Design District, a collection of seats reminiscent of transparent soap bubbles with vivid hues, a game of hemispheres inspired by works that symbolise the historical memory of design. Made in Italy and made of 100% virgin polymer methacrylate, they are the result of the union of originality, technique, and circular economy: the material they are made of is totally recycled and recyclable. The design criterion of upcycling the original idea allows the recovery of a pre-existing mould and its transformation into the design object par excellence, the seat.

With the Dreaming in the Bubble collection, characterized by a high degree of customization in terms of colors and finishes, the courtyard of Palazzo Vidiserti Dozzio at number 23 Via Montenapoleone takes on the appearance of a dream in a light design show that, through a play of reflection and refraction, redesigns spaces in a playful way. From 17 to 23 April from 10 a.m. to 10.30 p.m.

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