Doria 1905 presents “Hats on the water” PE24

The Sea is my Brother” is a piece of writing that precedes “On the Road,” the Beat Generation father’s first afflatus toward freedom that starts with traveling by sea, plowing through clear, transparent water.

And so Doria 1905 continues the theme of the voyage, in which She and He, a little bit gypsy and a little bit hippy, convey a sense of subdued and essential refinement, like the sea breeze. The development of the Doria collections continues on its recognizable thread and once again marries the way of the natural, this is the new mood, without excess, clean and respectful of the codes of elegance free from rigor. Simple, pure, raw materials and small luxurious details give that touch of class that enhances the simplicity of materials and lines. Raw, somewhat raw, airy and light weaves create patterns and fretwork. Linen, organic cotton, canvas, délavé linen or blends of natural materials are declined in pastel colors and patterns that allow a glimpse of the soul of the yarn without ever dulling the fabric, always revealing its texture and primitive materiality.

Denim is also contaminated by sea travel and interprets a practical style, a little bit street and a little bit sailor. Doria’s iconic shapes are dressed in light and color, patches and embroideries play with the nuances of the threads, two-tone weaves tell the story of nature and no detail is left to chance so that it can tell this reborn simplicity. A journey into the essence of the brand that year after year tells of its savoir-faire and concept through the study of shapes and colors with a careful eye on technical content and practicality and that special informal style that Doria collections have always had.


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