Donna elvira presents new salt chocolate-flavored ice cream

In a bold step toward new gastronomic horizons, Sicilian dolceria Donna Elvira, renowned for its artisanal production of Modica “bean-to-bar” chocolate, has inaugurated a collaboration with the well-known store Chocolat Milano.

The fruit of this partnership is the introduction of a salt chocolate-flavored ice cream that combines Donna Elvira’s artisanal craftsmanship with Chocolat Milano’s ice cream making techniques. The launch event, held at the historic location at 9 Via Boccaccio, allowed guests to taste not only the new ice cream, but also a selection of chocolates prepared with multiple varieties of cocoa. The new salt chocolate flavored ice cream is distinguished by its unique and refined origin.

Starting with Donna Elvira’s precious cocoa mass, a carefully selected blend of cocoa beans from Costa Rica and Thailand, this ice cream offers an unparalleled sensory experience. The addition of sea salt further elevates the flavor profile of the chocolate, expertly balancing the richness of the cocoa with a touch of savory that accentuates its complexity. A unique taste experience, giving balance between intense sweetness and salty undertones.

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