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From Calabria to the conquest of the world, the growth of the shipyard from Borgia, on the Ionian coast of Calabria, continues unabated. It has long since started an intense collaboration with Christian Grande, a designer who has outlined its premium image, which has strengthened from model to model.

After winning the Design Innovation Award 2022 in the “Motorboats up to 10m” category, Capoforte is preparing to amaze again at the next Boot in Düsseldorf (21-29 January 2023) with a new model equipped with the 50kW Molabo ISCAD V50 inboard motor. With its 7.38 metre length and 2.46 metre width, Capoforte SQ240i can carry up to ten people, thus concentrating a new sailing philosophy in less than eight metres.

For this model, Christian Grande has thought of shapes specially designed for the electric drive. “The lines must not express speed, but must be harmonious, closely linked to a relaxed and relaxing type of navigation,” he explained. “Capoforte has also succeeded in interpreting the soul of this owner, who is not looking for speed. From an engineering point of view, a specific type of lamination was chosen, suitably designed to achieve the best performance in terms of efficiency, with this type of propulsion. The relaxed and convivial atmosphere on deck is enhanced by an extremely versatile layout, in which a large folding table can make room for an additional cushion,” explains Christian Grande.

“In the second configuration, the entire bow section of the boat is transformed into a full-beam sundeck for maximum comfort.” The model on display at Boot 2023, as mentioned above, has a Molabo ISCAD V50 electric motor, a 50kW straight-shaft inboard motor, which weighs only 45 kg. Its low voltage components ensure the motor’s high performance and efficient use of the battery, thanks also to the development of the synergy between the controller interface and the motor itself. The wide, rounded bow permits a deck layout centring around comfort. The entire hull is made with infusion technology.

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