Cristalllo presents Amplecti

For the new 2024 collection, Cristalllo presents Volume I – Gioielli che vestono, a new chapter in his personal journey into the world of precious jewellery, which started with a passion for period jewellery and arrived in the contemporary world through creations to be worn every day, all day long.  Precious totems that elevate femininity and envelop the body, at once ornament and pure poetry, jewellery that once again becomes central in identifying one’s personal style. In her new creations, the designer continues her journey by looking even further back, towards ancient civilisations, such as the Egyptian, Roman and Greek, in which jewellery was a powerful amulet, more important than the dress itself.

Among the flagship jewels of the collection are the Amplecti Rings, creations with an essential design that combine elegance and meaning. Made of 9Kt yellow or rose gold, these rings are enriched with enamels and precious diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. Each ring in the line is designed to envelop the wearer in an embrace of refinement and beauty.

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