CONFITALI, the Italian Confederation of Innovation Workers, is born

CONFITALI, the first “Italian Confederation of Innovation Workers,” a pioneering union dedicated to the representation and protection of workers in innovation industries, is officially born. Founded by a diverse group of professionals, CONFITALI aims to represent and protect a broad and widespread range of workers, including self-employed, employees, startup employees, small and medium-sized innovative companies, and unorganized professions. The union is active in a rapidly expanding sector that is crucial to development and the modern economy. As pointed out by National Secretary Pasquale Brancaccio, “innovation brings with it the desire for renewal and reaches a greater intensity when it ignites the flame of hope for a fairer and more humane order”.

CONFITALI is committed to protecting this flame for the sake of future generations.” CONFITALI aims to represent its members in the economic, social, union, cultural, recreational, and educational fields, seeking to enhance the importance of their contribution in a key sector for the country’s development. CONFITALI is a member of the UGL – General Labor Union, which is a representative entity at the national confederal level in the field of industrial and associational relations. The union organization is committed to upholding fundamental values such as autonomy, representative democracy, federal solidarity, protection of constitutional values and the Europeanist choice. The association’s internal structure is designed to respond effectively to the diverse needs of its members.

The goal is to create a fair, sustainable and stimulating working environments for all those working in the innovation world. By actively participating into bilateral and joint organizations and helping to form policies that directly influence the innovation sector and the labor market, the union engages in the negotiation and conclusion of group exhibitions to improve working conditions, provide legal and union assistance, promote the creation of new jobs, and facilitate professional upgrading. CONFITALI serves as a bridge between workers and institutions, ensuring that the voices and needs of workers in innovation are heard and represented.




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