Coffee mixology: coffee is the star of summer cocktails

For a long time, there were exclusively ceramic cups, then came the more modern glass ones. And today? Now coffee has conquered even the most elegant glasses, goblets and cocktail mugs thanks to “coffee mixology”, where it becomes an ingredient in innovative drinks with unexpected flavours. A trend that, from a niche passion, has become an increasingly popular speciality also in Italy, where new cocktails are born every day in which the aroma of coffee combines with the notes of spirits, fruit juices and soft drinks, in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic variants. The success of these drinks is driving coffee into new time slots such as the aperitif and after dinner, during which the demand for ‘coffeetails’, i.e. coffee cocktails, is growing strongly, especially among the younger generation and at a time like summer when temperatures can discourage the consumption of hot drinks.

Coffee continues to amaze us with its ability to renew itself through new ways of consumption, capable of attracting the new generations as well, without, however, losing a strong link with the concept of being Italian“, says Michele Monzini, President of Consorzio Promozione Caffè. Laying the foundations for the success of coffee mixology is the fame of international cocktails such as Irish Coffee and Espresso Martini, which have influenced bartenders to use coffee also in drink versions.  “It is an ingredient that has an important impact on taste and therefore becomes the protagonist of the drink. It is therefore fundamental to use it with criterion, knowing first of all the raw material: each coffee, in fact, is different from the other and can characterise the cocktail in a different way“, explains Francesco Sanapo, award-winning champion bartender and taster who adds “In cocktails we can find different acid notes, for example those of fruit, which can give the drink a more complex and interesting taste profile if they are enhanced correctly. Arabica coffee, in this, is ideal because it is characterised by a touch of acidity that can give more sweetness to the drink”.

Coffee, in short, looks to the future while continuing to surprise for its extraordinary versatility, so much so that it has become the secret ingredient of two innovative summer cocktails proposed by Francesco Sanapo: the Basilisk, where coffee meets the taste of basil and coconut milk, and a reinterpretation of the famous Negroni.



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