CENTOUNO NAVI FORZA: speed can also be green

Elegance wears green. CENTOUNO NAVI, the new “made in Italy” superyacht brand created by designer Manuela Lucchesi and naval engineer Marco Arnaboldi, does just that with its 28-metre FORZA model. The maxi daycruiser, elegant and capable of 60 knots of speed, is a yacht 30% lighter than its competitors with 50% lower CO2 emissions. This is possible thanks to the hull whose shape has been designed to ensure high performance combined with high efficiency.

Propelling it offshore are three MAN 12V engines, each with 2,000 hp, coupled with new-generation MJP waterjets and a composite sandwich construction, while the efficiency of both the hull and the propulsion system ensures that with 9,500 litres of fuel FORZA achieves an incredible range of 500 nm at a cruising speed of 50 knots.  In addition, the choice of eco-friendly, mostly recyclable materials for the customisable interior fittings can save the equivalent of 20 masts.

“CENTOUNO NAVI has a great respect for the sea,” says Manuela Lucchesi. “FORZA’s design and technology are a combination of the experiences of the brand’s founders, who have lived by the sea and on boats all their lives.”  “I have been designing and building boats for more than 30 years and I know what boat owners want,” says Marco Arnaboldi. “Speed and efficiency are often at the top of the list because then they can cover more miles in less time and with minimal environmental impact.”

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