CECI 1938 cellars present the new Otello Ceci Brut collection

In a container that amplifies the soul of its contents, the CECI 1938 cellars present the new Otello Ceci Brut collection. It is a brut white sparkling wine from the Otello Ceci line enclosed in bottles in the colours of the rainbow that express the winery’s signature in terms of aesthetic research and care for design.

A lifestyle manifesto of great personality that involves all the senses for this new Otello Ceci Brut line that dresses the original Otello bottle – a container with a sinuous and essential profile, the first bottle with a square base – in colour with metallic and iridescent shades that explore the entire spectrum of colours: red, yellow, blue, shades of purple, green and blue for a total of eight variants. Here Otello Ceci Brut adds to the boldness of the chromatic choices of its ‘dress’ the dynamic element, rendered by the holographic printing of the labels that change colour according to the movement and impact of light. Otello Ceci’s typical square label praises simplicity in graphics that enhance the name of the wine and the winery logo.

CECI 1938 draws on the vital energy of colours to convey its message of positivity and joie de vivre. The elegant charm of sparkling brut is enhanced by the vibrant colours of the bottles. The choice of wine becomes a matter of style, a way to express one’s taste and personality in the round. The table lights up with colour, cheerfulness, enveloping conviviality and emotions. Otello Ceci Brut tells of a wine that comes from the Pinot Bianco grapes from which CECI 1938 obtains a sparkling wine of a pale straw yellow colour with an elegant and persistent perlage. The sparkling wine Otello Ceci Brut, to be served at a recommended temperature of 6/8°, is a well-structured wine with floral and fruity notes on the palate, complemented by a decisive minerality.

On the nose, delicate and elegant notes of white flowers such as jasmine, hawthorn and aromatic herbs emerge, leading to fruity, citrusy and sweet hints. CECI 1938 has given voice to the versatility and freshness of this wine through a gesture of freedom. The desire to break the mould and chart a proud new course in style and taste. The sparkling wine Otello Ceci Brut is a young and trendy choice, ideal for an aperitif or to accompany a lunch or dinner.

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