The Passion Issue

As Nelson Mandela said, "There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living". And us, we live on passion.

I’m every woman

We are on the set, someone puts on the music, and the music starts with Chaka Khan singing “I’m every woman“, an empowering anthem that celebrates the strength, versatility, and resilience of women to whom we pay tribute in this December issue, which closes the first year of TheUnique and which we wanted to dedicate entirely to the feminine universe. (more…)

Francesco Zizola

Winner of the 1996 World Press Photo of the Year, Francesco Zizola has documented the world's major conflicts and their hidden crises, focusing on the social and humanitarian issues that define life, receiving numerous awards, including ten World Press Photo and six Picture of the Year International. With "Mare Omnis," where nets used for tuna fishing photographed by a drone seem to depict archaic graffiti and distant constellations, Zizola confronts us with the question of what we really look at when we see an image and, through photography, opens up new possible understandings of the complexity of reality. Who are you. I am Francesco and for more than 40 years I have used photography to learn about the world and myself. In the first three decades I wanted to know the physical and cultural boundaries of our planet by traveling away from Italy and the culture that spawned me. I became a witness to the truth of others' pain because I sought the truth of my own pain. I have probably recognized the pain of others because I have felt my own. The need to talk about the world of the innocent and the last was born before I decided to take the camera in my hand. I then realized that with photography I could tell something that people normally do not see. Reality in my eyes takes on symbolic contours because I discover among its layers something that corresponds to me and thus becomes a shared reality. I spent the first thirty years with photography capturing the world I was immersing myself in by traveling within and beyond known boundaries. And then? Then I discovered that I like the sea, that I like poetry, that my gaze could continue to discover something that starts from the surface but continues…

Roberto Ugolini

A career in private banking to land then in food, italian and of high quality. Roberto Ugolini, after 25 years spent in Asia, returns to Rome with a precise project: to make italian excellence available to the entire world with a catalog of innovative gourmet proposals.
Ugolini, a brand synonymous with excellence in world gastronomy… (more…)

Saverio Canepa
The ITALIAN Challenge

A CONSULTANT AND EXECUTIVE WITH MORE THAN 20 YEARS' EXPERIENCE IN CORPORATE FINANCE TRANSACTIONS AND A PARTICULAR VOCATION FOR MADE IN ITALY, INCLUDING THE RESCUE OF THE HISTORIC BORSALINO BRAND, FRANCESCO SAVERIO CANEPA IS COMMITTED TO THE INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION OF MADE IN ITALY AND THE ECONOMIC GROWTH OF OUR COUNTRY. Saverio, tell us about yourself. I would start by saying that I have been involved in extraordinary finance for over 20 years. Over the course of my career, I have developed a particular passion for Made in Italy, and the rescue of the Borsalino brand was a very significant moment for me, as it made me realise even more the importance of supporting the Italian companies most representative of our manufacturing tradition. In recent years I have helped several foreign institutional investors to find investment opportunities in Italy, and it was thanks to these experiences that I decided to found Coopera Venture Capital, a company that aims to support the most innovative and successful Italian companies. I am passionate about the world of innovation and entrepreneurship, and I firmly believe that these are the driving forces behind the economic growth of our country. I therefore hope to continue to contribute to the promotion of Made in Italy at an international level and to the economic growth of our country through my projects and my commitment. How and why was Coopera founded? Coopera Venture Capital was founded by the most influential Italian incubators with the aim of promoting innovative and successful Italian companies by creating a 'hub' capable of attracting Italian and foreign investors. Coopera's mission is, therefore, to support Italian companies that aim to excel in quality, creativity and innovation, promoting Made in Italy in the world and contributing to the economic success of our country. As founder of Coopera…