Sorelle Private Collection

Who are Karin Chantal and Caprice?
We are two sisters from Turin, ‘daughters of art’, as they say, daughters of textile entrepreneurs for generations. We are women, daughters, mothers, brides, aunts, sisters, friends and passionate entrepreneurs who wanted to combine their talent and professionalism, cultivated since childhood and which belongs to the family DNA, in a contemporary and visionary key.


Emanuela Caruso

Who is Emanuela Caruso?
Emanuela Caruso is a woman in search of beauty. When I started my company, I was young, although I had already gained a background that led me to understand what I liked to do, which was to create jewelry to wear on the foot by combining tradition and innovative materials! (more…)

Francesco Paolo Salerno

Who is Francesco?
Francesco is a visionary who decided to make fashion his life. I was born in a very difficult town, Foggia, a city light years away from the national fashion system. I opened my first tailor’s shop in Apulia with the ambition and conviction that I could make the world talk about me. (more…)

Mermazing: the portmanteau between mermaid and amazing

Who are Alessia and Vanessa? Alessia and Vanessa are two cousins who have made their passion for fashion and the sea their work. We are passionate about travel from which we often take inspiration for our collections. I, Vanessa, am the brand manager of Mermazing, I like to engage with people and get our philosophy across to our customers. Alessia is the creative and imaginative soul of our brand. In addition to the fact that we are united by a strong personal bond, the combination of our different personalities and aptitudes makes us a solid and inspiring team. How was Mermazing born? Mermazing was born out of a strong desire to create a new beachwear concept. Attentive to the planet, we were among the first in Italy to use eco-sustainable fabrics made from regenerated yarns obtained from plastic materials recovered from the oceans.  In addition to the quality and eco-sustainability of the fabric, our garments focus on modern elegance, as well as simple lines and meticulous tailoring. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Five years from now, our dream is to see Mermazing grow and expand into new markets while continuing to create our collections with the enthusiasm of the first day.  After Bologna, in May we will open a second monostore on the Lido Pescarese. What is 'Made in Italy' for you? For us, Made in ITALY has always been a strong point. From fabrics, to accessories, to handcrafted tailoring, where our golden-handed seamstresses allow us to make our ideas come true.

Malisa Catalani (Malisarts)

Who is Malisa? A very difficult question. Malisa is an accomplished woman, mother of two daughters and with a husband and a very happy and fulfilling life. But that would not describe who I am but the current point of my journey. Malisarts, on the other hand, is the part of me that goes back in time, digs into, and sculpts scars and wounds, problems, difficulties that I have faced in life and that have allowed me to arrive at today being the Malisa described at the beginning. Through my expressive side I can keep my everyday life calm, metabolising, analysing and unravelling what I have gone through and what still hurts me today but which, thanks to sculpture, is channelled into my works. What is the message you want to send through your works? The seemingly simple message has deep roots. The connection is with the Japanese art of Kintsugi. What is broken is not wrong or to be thrown away: put back together in the right way, it will give even more value to what is broken (in kintsugi everything that breaks is repaired with soldering in pure gold ed). It is precisely the splits that are at the center of my works: lacerations that symbolize physical or mental or spiritual scars, everything that makes us suffer, that does not let us see the light beyond the darkness. Instead, with energy and willpower we are able not only to see the light but to be light, energy that improves our lives and makes us stronger. If we did not have 'scars' we would not have lived. It does not matter how many we have but how many we have overcome. From there comes our wisdom and awareness Where do you see yourself in five years? I must say…

Wondy Rossini
Author of the novel "Il Babbo Nascosto" (The Hidden Dad)

Who is WONDY ROSSINI? Wondy Rossini is my author pseudonym. Wondy is the name of the main character in “IL BABBO NASCOSTO” (THE HIDDEN DAD), my first autobiographical novel set near Lake Como. It tells the story of a daughter with an intentionally singular name, raised with the idea that her father died accidentally until the truth is revealed to her in her twenties. Her mother confesses to her that her father is actually alive and well, but no one knows where he really is. That revelation marks the beginning of a long and tortuous journey, in which Wondy courageously faces her traumas and the misguided and unfortunate love affairs that ensue, without ever losing the will to succeed in her goal: to rid herself of her ghosts and the anxieties of a girl who grew up without a father. Whether she will succeed or not, I leave it up to my readers to find out. Why did you decide to write "Il Babbo Nascosto"? The idea of telling my story was suggested to me by a person who always believed in me and noticed my penchant for writing during my work experience in New York in the early 2000s, when I was drafting press releases about events to promote Made In Italy food and wine in the United States. "Your life reads like a novel, why don't you write a book? You might win an award one day", he told me almost prophetically. I took his advice and devoted myself to turning my stories into words. Last year my novel received a Diploma of Honor from the Switzerland Literary Prize 2022 committee for the special artistic value of the work. The message I want to convey with my story, also told with a hint of irony, is not univocal.…