The Roman Empire in Gianvito Rossi’s new collection

The Roman Empire inspired Gianvito Rossi‘s spring-summer 2024 footwear collection, his first since joining Richemont last July. Gold, silver, leather bracelets that go up the leg as in ancient coturni, laurel leaves and shoots enrich the silhouettes of these creations intended for a woman who wants to get noticed, starting with the shoes. (more…)

Fashion at the Time of the Florios

Last July 19 at Palazzo Cupane, home of the Museum of Sicilian Costume and Fashion in Mirto, the exhibition “Fashion at the Time of the Florios“, an exhibition of antique garments from 1900 to 1930 by architect Giuseppe Miraudo, was inaugurated. (more…)

King Giorgio lands in Apulia

In the aftermath of World Environment Day 2023 Giorgio Armani announces with a tweet his new project related to a more ethical and sustainable fashion. “In fashion everything starts from the material: my design comes from the choice of fabrics. (more…)

Men’s fashion in strong growth on the eve of Pitti Uomo 104

Italian men’s fashion in 2022 showed a positive performance in foreign markets, continuing with the favorable trend that was already recorded in 2021. As Istat data indicate, exports for the January-December 2022 period put up a double-digit increase of +24.7 percent over 2021, totaling about 8.9 billion euros. Imports also showed a double-digit increase, +43.9%, to 7.0 billion euros. (more…)

I Am The Ocean on the occasion of world ocean days presents “The Panthalassa”

On World Ocean Day, I AM THE OCEAN, The Art Luxury House that aims to create conscious change and redefine the perception of the interaction between humanity and nature, continues its mission with the launch of its third creation, THE PANTHALASSA, a tribute to the majestic and supreme ocean that surrounds the continents and unites humanity. In ancient times Panthalassa was the supreme ocean that surrounded the supercontinent known as Pangaea. Today Panthalassa, still the supreme ocean, surrounds the continents separated from each other-what we call Super Humanity. Despite the different names we have given to the oceans separating them with our geographical boundaries, our cultural differences, and our different lifestyles, we continue to be connected by the ocean and are at one with the world with our oneness through the timeless bond represented by the ocean. The dichotomy of our individuality and mutual interconnectedness is celebrated and reflected without temporal boundaries by the ocean. Our signature woven pattern THE PANTHALASSA itself declaims the dichotomy between individuality and being at one with the world. THE PANTHALASSA is distinguished by its distinctive, exclusive, and inimitable I AM THE OCEAN signature "weave" that interprets the very essence of THE IATO SPHERE concept, which is to offer endless possibilities for customization and self-expression through interchangeable components such as shoulder straps, removable charms (sold separately) and multifunctional inner bags. I AM THE OCEAN creations are made in Italy and handcrafted by master artisans. Each creation is composed of an average of more than 110 elements and as many as 20 "handmade" craftsmanship techniques are required to make them. Hardware components are made following the disciplines of the best Italian goldsmithing arts and certified Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC) because sustainability and luxury are two sides of the same coin. THE IATO SPHERE offers unlimited ways…

The Hands of Naples at Pitti Uomo 104

The Le Mani di Napoli association will once again present itself at Pitti Uomo 104 with an unmissable event set for 4 p.m. Wednesday, June 14, at the Sala della Scherma at the Fortezza da Basso. A panel discussion on the theme “Naples Inside. Naples on,” which will feature as speakers the mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi, Magnifico Rettore of the University Federico II Matteo Lorito, Pitti Immagine President Antonio De Matteis, Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella, and chef Gennarino Esposito. Fashion journalist and host Cinzia Malvini will moderate. (more…)

Made in Italy excellence at the coronation of King Charles III.

Made in Italy took center stage at the coronation of King Charles III. The fabric of the inscription at the base of the tree featured on the anointing screen - Anointing Screen - used at the most sacred moment of the coronation, the anointing of the king, was made from the precious linen yarns of the Italian spinning mill Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale of Villa d'Almè (Bergamo). Emerald and brilliant linen yarns, among Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale's classic products, were chosen by John Spencer (Textile) Ltd. to make the fabric of the inscription featured on the screen. At the same time, the sustainability of the yarns meets the ecological demands of the new king. The Anointing Screen is the element that conceals from the eyes of the world the most sacred moment of the ceremony, the anointing, when the Dean of Westminster pours holy oil from the cruet to the spoon with which the Archbishop of Canterbury anoints the hands, chest and head of the sovereign, an instant historically considered the moment when God and king are joined. The Anointing Screen, donated to Charles III by London's ancient and modern trade guilds, has three sides: on the central one it features a tree with 56 leaves, one for each member of the commonwealth, with the king's numeral placed at the base, while the design of the two smaller ones is inspired by the floor of Westminster Abbey. Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale is the ancient spinning mill in Villa d'Almè (Bg), which has been producing the widest range of high-quality sustainable linen and hemp yarns since 1873, prized by weavers around the world. "For years the Linificio has been actively committed to changing the current economic model to one that is more equitable and sustainable, both environmentally and socially," reads a…