I Am The Ocean on the occasion of world ocean days presents “The Panthalassa”

On World Ocean Day, I AM THE OCEAN, The Art Luxury House that aims to create conscious change and redefine the perception of the interaction between humanity and nature, continues its mission with the launch of its third creation, THE PANTHALASSA, a tribute to the majestic and supreme ocean that surrounds the continents and unites humanity. In ancient times Panthalassa was the supreme ocean that surrounded the supercontinent known as Pangaea. Today Panthalassa, still the supreme ocean, surrounds the continents separated from each other-what we call Super Humanity. Despite the different names we have given to the oceans separating them with our geographical boundaries, our cultural differences, and our different lifestyles, we continue to be connected by the ocean and are at one with the world with our oneness through the timeless bond represented by the ocean. The dichotomy of our individuality and mutual interconnectedness is celebrated and reflected without temporal boundaries by the ocean. Our signature woven pattern THE PANTHALASSA itself declaims the dichotomy between individuality and being at one with the world. THE PANTHALASSA is distinguished by its distinctive, exclusive, and inimitable I AM THE OCEAN signature "weave" that interprets the very essence of THE IATO SPHERE concept, which is to offer endless possibilities for customization and self-expression through interchangeable components such as shoulder straps, removable charms (sold separately) and multifunctional inner bags. I AM THE OCEAN creations are made in Italy and handcrafted by master artisans. Each creation is composed of an average of more than 110 elements and as many as 20 "handmade" craftsmanship techniques are required to make them. Hardware components are made following the disciplines of the best Italian goldsmithing arts and certified Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC) because sustainability and luxury are two sides of the same coin. THE IATO SPHERE offers unlimited ways…

Milo Manara’s The Name of the Rose triumphs among comics.

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Surpassing Pennac and Ammaniti, it leaves behind Prince Harry and Coelho: long-awaited and immediately bestselling, the comic book version signed by Milo Manara of Umberto Eco’s ‘The Name of the Rose’ not only conquers first place in the weekly comic book sales ranking compiled by GFK and published by Tuttolibri, but also makes its way into the general top ten, confirming a great deal of attention not only from fans. (more…)

Barausse and De Castelli for “Metalsphere

From the collaboration between the Vicenza-based company Barausse and the metal factory De Castelli, which has been writing the history of metal for four generations, comes the Metalsphere door collection, an experience that enhances their respective excellences and generates a product that celebrates the extraordinariness of Made in Italy, testifying not only to their manufacturing skills but above all to their determination to push their limits in a constant striving for beauty and innovation. (more…)

Dreaming in the bubble

Luca Trazzi, architect, and industrial designer was born in Verona in 1962. He presents Dreaming in the Bubble for Iplex Design, a company born from the intuition of Ippoliti Terzo, its founder, who from a small lathe built in his garage, at night produced the first small Plexiglas products, having intuited the high-performance characteristics of this innovative and ecological material.

Acerbis Galaxy Body Armour, the chest protector made in Italy

Acerbis Galaxy Body Armour is the off-road chest protector that represents Italian design all over the world. The innovative protector for chest, shoulders, arms and back was in fact exhibited as a product of excellence of Italian design in the prestigious context of the Italian Design Day 2023, the exhibition set up in Taiwan that combines the presence of the best Italian products in every field with the dissemination of the principles of quality at the basis of the Compasso d’Oro system.

“Homescapes, gentle attitude” lands in Bangkok

Euro Creations, a luxury home furniture store in Thailand that offers world-renowned furniture brands and bespoke design pieces, devotes an exclusive presentation to the Gallotti&Radice Designer Furniture Collection at an exclusive event inside the Flagship Gallery in Thonglor.