Skills and Genes presents Women 4 Women

The capsule collection WOMEN 4 WOMEN is an all-female initiative that transforms fashion into a vehicle of support, 3 T-shirts made by 3 women, designers, exceptional artists: Clara Bona, Ilaria Franza and Marzia Dainelli. (more…)

Acqua di Bolgheri: the nature of Tuscany

Acqua di Bolgheri is the main line of the company of the same name, created in 2008 by the Dr.Taffi Bionatural Research Laboratories born, in turn, in 1987, in the heart of Tuscany. Built on the strong values of the Taffi family, Acqua Di Bolgheri constitutes in so many ways, the hidden jewel of Tuscany.

KEZIR: room fragrances only with natural and sustainable materials.

Six stories with evocative names: Katmandu, Cashmere, Sorrento, Malibu, Bourgogne, and Persia. Amber, spicy, aromatic, floral or unexpected. These are the families and olfactory pyramids of Kezir, the new line of room fragrances created by master perfumers in absolute exclusivity for Arti & Mestieri, produced in Italy and made only from natural and recyclable materials.

Sicilian Experiential Cosmetics

From the love for Sicily and for natural cosmetics and from the union of different and complementary professional skills, Cosmesi Siciliana, the Made in Sicily cosmetics line, was born in 2017 in the Egadi Islands and with the “Giardini Ipogei” line.

Tuscan Creations: the artistic fragrances by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Salvatore Ferragamo, one of the founding fathers of Made in Italy, had chosen Tuscany as his elective land. Born in Bonito, in the province of Avellino, he had conquered Hollywood in the early 20th century before returning to Italy and choosing Florence, a city with a great manufacturing tradition, as the home of the eponymous fashion house founded in 1927. Tuscan Creations is a collection of artistic fragrances, but also a compendium of the brand's aesthetics because it narrates, through the olfactory experience, the essence of the brand and of the adoptive land that made it great. One of the features of the collection is its being sleekly genderless from every sensory perspective. The bottle, characterised by simple, clean lines, displays a masculine character in the square base, which harmoniously blends with the rounded femininity of the body. The stopper, covered in ton sur ton double-stitched genuine leather, reminds us of the maison's manufacturing vocation and is characterised by the presence of the iconic "Gancino", Ferragamo’s signature-logo perhaps the most authoritative of the maison's distinctive features. Tuscan Creation is enriched with an exclusive bath line consisting of a new hand & body liquid soap unveiling a rich, delicate texture that cleans the skin leaving it incredibly bright and elastic, while the body lotion offers a soft, creamy caress with a deep nourishing and hydrating finish. The new bath line is inspired by the fragrances Convivio and Rinascimento. For Fabrice Pellegrin, creator of Convivio, the fragrance embodies the unique and warm soul of Tuscany. A region where hospitality, sharing and the joie de vivre are written in capital letters and underlined by notes of Italian bergamot, grapefruit, jasmine and violet, as well as cashmere, incense and ambrox. For Rinascimento, raw materials such as iris and tuberose flowers, which for Alexander Lee,…