Casa Ostuni contemporary design and baroque architecture

Architect Francesco Marrone uses color and bold lines of trendy design to emphasize the aristocratic soul of a 120-square-meter apartment, intended for holiday relaxation, in the heart of the Apulian town.

The interiors are developed on a single level set in an alley that reflects within it the shining soul of the famous white city and recall the 16th-century splendor before the arrival of the Zevallos dukes. Portals and doors are the speaking traces of this past, carved in ashlar, in relief frames, in friezes.

The whole house looks toward the coast that goes up to Monopoli, and further up to intercept Polignano a mare. The summits that Ostuni enjoys give the view a breathtaking panorama, a journey that must necessarily find a shore of equal excellence in living as well. The interior narrative is thus made of details and perspectives, so Studio Francesco Marrone has accustomed us to, of interlocking elements of strong identity. Art and craftsmanship are everywhere, shaping space, defining volumes underscored by a single path of sunshine, the window facing the Adriatic. The result is a sophisticated, albeit minimally stitched, atmosphere in keeping with the aristocratic origin of the rooms.

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