Cantiere del Pardo focuses on enhancing the territory

Cantiere del Pardo, a company founded in 1973, leader in the production and marketing of sailing yachts under the Grand Soleil Yachts brand and motorboats under the Pardo Yachts and VanDutch Yachts brands, is preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary, focusing on Made in Italy.

Attention to design, to detail and materials, and an after-sales service capable of guaranteeing assistance all over the world are the characteristics that identify the company thanks to the skills of local craftsmen and artisans. To ensure the continuity of skills, Cantiere del Pardo, in collaboration with CNA and the University of Bologna, has promoted a course for ‘Design Technician for the nautical supply chain, expert in the production process and economic impact of sustainable products’, which aims to train resources to be dedicated to production.

Alongside this course, an ‘Academy‘ of 60 hours in total, supported by Adecco, has also been launched to train figures to be included in the production workforce such as carpenters, fibreglass workers and mechanics. But the company’s focus is also on the satisfaction of its active employees, for whom incentive systems have been used that will produce an average increase per employee of +20% over the previous year.

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