Bolotana’s organic extra virgin olive oil wins the Golden Lion International

In Toscolano Maderno, a jury of 13 experts awarded the Golden Lion International prize in the Organic category to Terracuza the organic oil from the Coldiretti Nuoro-Ogliastra member company, led by Giacomo Nieddu, olive grower from Bolotana and president of the Coldiretti Nuoro-Ogliastra section in Bolotana. Terracuza is an organic extra virgin olive oil, obtained from two indigenous Sardinian cultivars, specifically from the Marghine mountain chain characterised by terraced hills, the ‘Bosana’ and the ‘Cariasina’, processed with an innovative pressing technique based on ultrasound technology to speed up extraction times. The important event once again rewarded the best organic extra virgin olive oils in the world. A result of excellence in difficult competition alongside important national and international productions. “This is an award for the hard work that is done on the farm every day and that allows us to have products of great quality,’ Giacomo Nieddu emphasises. ‘It is an important recognition that repays us for the difficulties we face every day in our work in a difficult territory because it is hilly and not very favourable, ours can be defined as heroic olive growing because the methods of working in the field are carried out manually.

This is also why we must face higher production costs,’ he recalls, ‘but we are not stopping in our project to safeguard the terraced olive groves that are part of the heritage of our territory, which is also recognised by Unesco. “We are extremely proud of the victory of this prestigious award by an important company of our territory that succeeds in representing an excellence for the Sardinian olive-growing sector,’ says Leonardo Salis, president of Coldiretti Nuoro – Ogliastra. ‘This award rewards the company’s dedication and commitment in safeguarding the local olive-growing sector in territories that are not easy for these cultivations. The award enhances the richness of local cultivars and strengthens the identity and quality of our products’. For the director of Coldiretti Nuoro – Ogliastra, Alessandro Serra, the award also bears witness to ‘the close connection between the company and the Bolotana territory, as well as the virtuous collaboration that has been created with the local millers,’ he emphasises. “The synergy between the different components of production allows us to obtain an oil of the highest quality, an authentic expression of our territory.

The excellence achieved is the result of work that enhances not only the final product but also the cultural and agricultural heritage of our land. This success is a tangible example of how commitment to agricultural work can lead to extraordinary results”. The competition has been organised by Olive & Italy since 2017 and represents a true ‘Oscar’ of extra virgin olive oil, made with and by olive growers. For each individual category, the competition involves analyses and tastings that are held once a week throughout the year, with no more than 12 sensory analyses per session. To decide on the best oils, measurements are made of intensity of perception, olfactory and taste descriptors to which is then added the Golden Lion evaluation form that focuses on: quality of attributes, harmony, persistence and the other varieties. To qualify for the finals, the panel assigns a minimum score of 85 out of 100. Each category is only entitled to one Golden Lion.




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