Boero brings the art of colour to Design Week

Founded in 1831, Boero is an Italian company that formulates and produces paints and varnishes for the building and yachting sectors and a point of reference for architects and professionals. During Milan Design Week (17 – 23 April 2023), Boero will be present at two major events, “L’arte del colore” (The Art of Colour) and “Terra, Inspired by earth” (Earth, Inspired by earth), bringing the theme of colour, light and how much these two elements, together, can build different ways of perceiving and experiencing spaces. “The art of colour“, curated by Francesca Grassi, artist and designer Italo Rota Studio, will be a perceptive experience, a journey of discovery of colour and the infinite chromatic possibilities taken from “1831 – Il colore italiano”, Boero’s tool par excellence, complete, iconic and proprietary, created to provide effective support to designers and allow people to express their personality through the excellence of colour.

The element of inspiration for presenting the colours of Boero’s new system is the Palladian theatre, a symbol of tradition and Italian spirit, perfectly consistent with a Made in Italy brand rooted in almost 200 years of history in colour culture and expertise. A large chromatic theatre has therefore been imagined that presents colours inspired by a rainbow, the element that more than any other is a symbol in nature, to which Boero has always dedicated commitment and great respect. In this regard, the entire structure is designed to be salvaged and given a second life at the end of the event. Colours and combinations will also be at the heart of the event ‘Terra, Inspired by earth’.

The exhibition will propose a path of “connection with the earth” capable of generating a sense of comfort and relaxation. A space in which nature is the inspiration in the choice of colours and materials, in a design approach under the banner of awareness. Boero, for almost 200 years, has been the expression of colour at the service of the best projects, drawing on its Italian spirit and deep roots to innovate in a sustainable perspective and offer new stimuli and ideas.




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