Barausse and De Castelli for “Metalsphere

From the collaboration between the Vicenza-based company Barausse and the metal factory De Castelli, which has been writing the history of metal for four generations, comes the Metalsphere door collection, an experience that enhances their respective excellences and generates a product that celebrates the extraordinariness of Made in Italy, testifying not only to their manufacturing skills but above all to their determination to push their limits in a constant striving for beauty and innovation.

Expertise in fine materials, represented by fine cabinet-making and original surface treatments, is combined with a common vision always aimed at experimentation. The result is a collection of doors that translates the perfect combination of wood and metal, offering a truly unique aesthetic result that is both luxurious and contemporary. Literary quotations, cinematographic metaphors, poetic allusions: the door has always been a magical object full of meanings, which in this collection investigates new contaminations that explode the potential of natural and precious materials, synthesizing the vision of two great companies that make Made in Italy great in the world.

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