At the Fortuny museum comes “Venice ’79, The Fotography”

Among the most important events in 2024 related to the Fortuny Museum will be “Venice ’79, The Photography“, born from the collaboration between the International Center of Photography in New York, UNESCO and the municipality of Venice.

An unparalleled media event, unique in Europe in terms of genre and size, with twenty-five exhibitions in the city, seminars, lectures, laboratories and workshops, which had Palazzo Fortuny as its center of educational activity. Also taking part in this momentous event was Joan Fontcuberta who, just 24 years old, is among the protagonists of the exhibition Contemporary European Photography at the Magazzini del Sale, curated by Sue Davis, Jean-Claude Lemagny, Alan Porter and Daniela Palazzoli. The exhibition at the Fortuny Museum thus brings back the echo of a feeling that is added to the artist’s work as a layer of history and memory.

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