ARAN World: a world beyond borders

Thinking big to build big” are the words with which Renzo Rastelli (CEO & Owner ARAN World) describes the genesis of this new place dedicated to contract. The Abruzzo-based company’s direct approach to the large-scale supply sector continues, even outside Italy, and ARAN Spazio Contract Lugano is born. “ARAN Spazio Contract Lugano represents a concrete step in the implementation of the company’s strategy to directly preside over the main markets linked to the contract model. The Swiss platform, without commercial intermediaries, makes it possible to reach this market and offer all the services required: design support and, above all, installation. The first evidence, besides being extremely encouraging, shows that this direction perfectly matches a growing demand for a direct relationship between developers and production companies. Switzerland, for real estate and for the expected development volumes, is a significant step in this direction” concludes Antonio Radin, Head of ARAN Spazio Contract Lugano.

A business location in the Lugano area that offers a concrete perception of what ARAN’s Made in Italy can offer to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding public. The total look of ARAN World builds new tailor-made venues that can keep pace with a constantly evolving world.

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