Acqua di Bolgheri: the nature of Tuscany

Acqua di Bolgheri is the main line of the company of the same name, created in 2008 by the Dr.Taffi Bionatural Research Laboratories born, in turn, in 1987, in the heart of Tuscany. Built on the strong values of the Taffi family, Acqua Di Bolgheri constitutes in so many ways, the hidden jewel of Tuscany.

Made with natural ingredients: organic olive oil, flowers and other plants, also local, combined with a great respect for nature. The collection represents, through each individual product, the realization of a vision and dream of its founders: that of combining the strong herbalist tradition with the world of perfumes and home essences, creating an exclusive collection of body care and wellness products that tells the story of its Tuscany; the one seen through the magic of Bolgheri. It is a small medieval village located just a few kilometers from the turquoise sea of the Etruscan Coast that enchants with its castle, its centuries-old cypress avenue narrated by the poet Giosuè Carducci, its rows of such prestigious vines and its long expanses of olive trees. Acqua di Bolgheri was born there and each of its scented lines tells a different emotion, a sensation that naturally changes with the passing of the seasons and the passing of the days.

The first petals of spring, the sweetness of a grape and the magnetic scent of jasmine on a summer evening. But, also, the crisp sunset of the mistral, the berries of the underbrush and the ancient charm of lavender. All in a line of certified organic cosmetics that has become a very strong business project for the group, in Italy and abroad. Made with effective and high-quality formulas, Acqua di Bolgheri products are designed with rigor, care and expertise using natural and controlled raw materials to give rise to BIO, Natural Origin or Plant based certified natural cosmetics and made while maintaining the right balance between tradition and innovation. In addition, the cosmetics are certified by AIAB and BioAgriCert, which strictly control the entire process, from the raw material to the finished product, and the entire production respects ethical principles that, since 1987, represent, real guarantees of quality for customers. Among these we find the Lav certification since the company has always refused any kind of cosmetic test performed on animals but also Vegan, NICHEL TESTED (nickel<1PPM) and Dermatologically Tested.

Acqua di Bolgheri cosmetics are also made without GMO ingredients, are free of parabens, imydazolidinyl urea, sls, sles, pegs, synthetic dyes, petrolatum, mineral oils, lanolins, etc., and 100% certified Green Energy is used in their making, which gives rise to non-polluting products that use environmentally friendly materials and packaging that can be easily recycled. Among the natural raw materials to be chosen, those closest to the company, even from a geographical point of view, are always preferred, as long as they are controlled and certified. First and foremost is Bolgheri Organic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cold-pressed from the first pressing. It is one of the most dermosimilar natural oils that boasts excellent moisturizing and emollient properties for our skin. The company is also UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified by Certiquality, which guarantees 360-degree control over all company processes.

The company’s future projects are all aimed at raising awareness of the excellence of plant-based cosmetics in Italy and around the world, telling through fragrances, product textures and the image of the lines, the beautiful land of Tuscany, a Tuscany of quality where nature is, always and in any case, protected and respected by putting it at the service of the well-being of customers who, today as never before, are constantly searching for new harmonies and balances. The goal is to develop other fragrances, based on distinctive local olfactory compositions, for both the person and the home. These essences will then be articulated in their range of organic cosmetics where cutting-edge natural active ingredients will be introduced that can moisturize the skin, counteract the aging process, and reach ever new frontiers of beauty and well-being in body, face and hair care. Special attention, however, will also be paid to marketing, the use of social media and the opening of flagship stores in Italy and abroad to share the essence of the brand and tell its story.

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