A special watch by Riccardo Zannetti for the Italia Yachts 2022 Trophy

Sailing and watches share the same precision and mechanical perfection. A comparison that is not too far-fetched if you think back to the crews that raced during the Italia Yachts Sailing Week last June in Porto Cervo. Capturing and sublimating this similarity was the watch that Riccardo Zannetti made especially for the winner of the Italia Yachts 2022 Trophy during the first Italia Yachts Sailing Week in Porto Cervo.

Michele Centemero, owner of SoFima, the IY 15.98 flagship of Italia Yachts, in fact received a Scuba Art, with a micro-painted dial depicting his boat, at the Yachting Festival in Cannes; a unique piece, created ad hoc for the occasion, the result of the finest watchmaking mastery that has always distinguished the Zannetti brand.

The partnership signed between Riccardo Zannetti and Italia Yachts, two leading brands in watchmaking/jewellery and in the production of sailing yachts, was born out of the strong common belonging to the excellence of Made in Italy in two sectors where design, technology and craftsmanship represent the cornerstones of production, and this synergy can only reinforce their values in Italy and abroad. Zannetti and Italia Yachts have already drawn up a series of initiatives and interventions that are certainly destined to hold surprises in store: from the Genoa Boat Show to sea-related events in the States, from regattas organised by Italia Yachts to watch fairs, to all the events that see Zannetti present or protagonist, in Dubai, Oman, and Singapore.

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