Over-65s drive aperitif growth

End of a dogma: it is not young people who are the protagonists of the aperitif but the over-65s. An army of Boomers that in the last 15 years has put the turbo boost (+112%, with a growth trend 5 times higher than the under-24s) to a ritual born with the Unification of Italy and that in the Belpaese is still confirmed as rather wine-centric precisely because of its tendency to always embrace all age groups.

This is according to the Observatory of Unione italiana vini (Uiv), which processed data from the latest Istat “census” on the consumption of alcohol by Italians in 2023. In the meanders of the Uiv Observatory’s analysis, it emerges how the alcoholic aperitif is the usual practice of about 2.7 million boomers (2.5 million the tribe of those under 24) out of a total of almost 22 million consumers who at home or outside do not give up a tradition that has been growing more and more in the last 15 years. And the incremental trend features the, even over-65s thanks to a female-driven exploit of pre-meal relaxation.

In fact, over the period under consideration, the pink aperitif almost doubled (from 5 million to 9.2 million female drinkers of all ages), with a genuine boom in the over-65s (+165%). “The multigenerational trend of making aperitifs is a distinctive trait that we look at with great interest,” said the president of the Italian Wine Union, Lamberto Frescobaldi, “not least because it is closely linked to the culture of wine consumption that embraces all age groups and has seen a further broadening of the audience in the face of greater moderation in consumption. This is proof of the maturity of Italians, which is associated with a product that is by its very nature a symbol of sharing and responsible drinking.”

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