300 giant lanterns at Cassino’s Fairy Tale Forest

After the great success in Amsterdam, London, Miami, Tokyo, Tallin, Shanghai and New York, “Lanternia,” the International Giant Lantern Festival sponsored by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China – will open its doors on December 8 at the “Fairy Tale Forest” theme park in Cassino (Fr), and will give life until March 10, 2024 to a spectacle never seen before in Italy: an area of 110. 000 sq. m. will host more than 300 giant lanterns from around the world worth 2 million euros, illuminated by more than 2.5 km of LED lights.

With an investment in Lazio by Chinese companies interested in the project of more than 4 million euros. A festival where lanterns of all shapes, colors and sizes will be the undisputed protagonists, with a special focus on the environment and sustainability: the material used to make the lanterns is in fact silk, a fiber known to have a very low environmental impact, while for the lighting of the lanterns themselves there will be energy-saving LED lights. In addition, scraps of silk used for the lanterns, moreover, amounting to about 4 quintals of fabric, have been donated to the students of the San Benedetto school in Cassino to make a “Costume from scraps” that will be presented on December 8, at the opening of the Festival.

Finally, at the “Forest of Fables” in Cassino, water will be free for all guests: this is the first theme park in Italy that distributes free drinking water to the public, thanks to 60 fountains located within the area of the Varronian Baths, the 110,000-square-meter natural oasis that houses the park, equipped with a spring that delivers more than 20,000 liters of water per minute. Six areas dedicated to adults and children, where themed lanterns will be displayed and weekly events and live shows will be organized: Dreamland – The World of Dreams, Fantasylandia, The Christmas Kingdom, Fairy Tales from the World, The Animal Kingdom, Colorandia.

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